Tuesday, 19 April 2011

running from the shadow

Humans are the same from centuries.
We don't wanna live in the pressure, in the problems, in things we don't like.
But many things that we like to do, at the end must be having all those problems and pressure.

All successful people around the world have one same story : they have never given up. especially in the midway.
We're all living in a race. till our goal could be achieved, then never stop to run!
even every single second is really worth to keep running.

Once in a interview, the marathon runners were all asked where is the hardest miles in the race. Most of them answered that after they could stand with miles 3-4, they gonna be alright but in the 3/4 way of race the real fight would began. They would getting so tired and it seemed to be no way they could stand till the goal.
And it seems the same exact thing happens in our daily livings.
When people are living in such a quite comfortable life, some little problems could be enormously hard to bear. 
In fact, there are many people commit suicide for ridiculous reason, or I should say they decided too rush. 

To get away from your problem, you mustn't runaway! You've gotta FACE it!

I have a real experience about thinking commit suicide. It was on my 8th grade. I used to be so rebellious and temperamental. Well, there were some big problems occurred back then and my parents knew it accidentally. I locked myself in my room and almost wanna die if it's not because of my friend whom I called that told me this verse of bible :
8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
These are from ISAIAH 55:8-9 which I believe has been a popular verses. But they did remind me that my problems aren't so big that I must end my life. So instead end up my life, I came up and face my parents and olala! Here I am years later. Fresh from the oven and I'm ready to face the whole world!  
The time I faced my problems, was the time I'm getting encouraged.

That's why you need to face your problems so you'll be brave even more to face another one!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

new year's revolution

maybe I'm 20 days too late to write this, but it's okay for me. it's my blog, and i'll do everything I want in it :)

new year's eve could be one of greatest moments in a year, or the worst one if you have nothing to do on that day.
I'm from a family who likes to enjoy every single holiday season we have, and yet we have never let any holiday season passed without celebrating it. But in 2010, many things happened and caused us lots of problems to be handled.
First is, my cousins came and stayed during the Christmas till new year because my mom wanted to pay their study fees (read : give scholarships).
The second is, I have to participate in my church's service which is my duty.
The third, my sister's feet which always get so sensitive need to be consulted with the doctor because of its condition that got worsen.

So, the decision had been made. And we didn't go anywhere special for the new year's eve. We just ate out at night, and I think it's okay. But my mom got disappointed at that day. I knew that even though she didn't really express it at the day.
And it's such an IMPORTANT MESSAGE to ALL CHILDREN in the world : Be more caring to your moms and dads. sometimes they just get so upset but they just can't express it. So, rather than being punished and scolded by their exploding anger, it would be better to keep your attitude in a right way.
At midnight, near the year's changing, my sister and I were busying ourselves with our own stuffs. I kept playing the computer while she was reading her novel.
My dad looked outside to see the fireworks. But my sister and I have never really enjoyed to see fireworks with our family. So we did and said nothing.
And then, just so suddenly my mom came out from her room and threw away her anger to us.
She punished me with not buying me a new cellphone which IS REALLY NEEDED BY ME right now, also to cut off my internet cable. I didn't really remember what she said to my sister, but really.. Making your mom angry at you on new year's eve is such a HORRIBLE thing to do.

yeah, every single thing that happens to me really always gives me something to learn about.
And what I learn in this, is that I need a revolution to think more about my family,
because honestly I didn't do that so much lately.
Family is important yeah, but yourself is important too.

may you all readers have at least one new revolution thing to do this year!